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July QKR Seminar and grading dates and venue:

Kendo Grading Questions


Each candidate must select any two of relevant questions presented in this document.  

The answer sheet must be typed in English only and single-side printed on A4 size paper. The answers must be readily legible and presentable. Each answer must be 150 word-long with an allowance of ± 50 words and 1.5 spaced in 12 pt font. If there are more than one answer sheet, they must be firmly stapled together at the top left corner prior to submission.

The following particulars must be clearly presented on each page of the answer sheets: 

o Candidate's name; 

o Dan level applied for;  

o Candidate's examination identification number (to be hand-written in black or dark blue by the candidate on the day of examination); and 

o Signature (to be hand-written in black or dark blue by the candidate on the day of examination).  




Answer two of the following question

* Explain Yuko Datotsu

* Explain Zanshin

* Explain purporse of Kiri-Kaeshi



Answer two of the following question 

* Explain the necessity of practicing the Nihon kendo kata

* Explain requisites for a Yukou-datotsu

* Explain the correct Tsuba-zeriai and points to be paid attention to.



Answer two of the following question

*Explain the idea of kendo and mindset of kendo training.

*Explain Heijyou-shin

*Explain the correct Tsuba-zeriai and state points to be considered from an instructor's viewpoint.




 Give a brief summary of any two (2) of the following terms:

  • Nuki-tsuke
  • Kir-tsuke
  • Chiburi
  • Noto
  • Saya-biki
  • Reiho


 Give a brief summary of any two (2) the following terms:

  • Metsuke
  • Ma-ai
  • Zanshin
  • Saya-biki
  • Reiho

 San dan question

 Outline your understanding of the term “Ki-ken-tai-ichi” and its application to iaido.


Please see below as the dates and venue have been set for the QKR July Seminar and grading.


13th & 14th July 2019


Tallebudgera Leisure Centre

1525 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach North, QLD, 4221

Closing Date for grading applications is 30 June 2019

  Please ensure your membership for the 2020 year in order to attend seminar.  

This is required for seminar attendance and grading eligibility, that will allow time for funds to clear prior to treasurer submitting November return.

 Westpac Bank

Queensland Kendo Renmei Incorporated,

BSB 034-055, Acct: 209720

This year the fee will be 2 days    $70.00

                                        1 day $40.00

Where there are 3 members in one family attending, a family rate will be 2 full paying members, any more than two from the one family, will pay half price for seminar.


Please note that further details will be emailed closer to the event.

Kindest regards,

Aaron Padoin

QKR Secretary

 Over the past couple of months, the QKR executive has completed the task of having the Queensland Kendo Renmei recognized as the state governing body for Kendo, Iaido and Jodo as it pertains to the QKR.

During this process the QKR has been confirmed as an affiliate of an NSO namely the Australian Kendo Renmei.

The reason that we have taken these steps with the State Government was to enable our junior members the opportunities to take advantage of state funding which is available to them.

I am pleased to announce that the National Parks Sports and Recreation have accepted the following events as those that our junior members can apply for funding assistance.

  1.      Young Athletes Travel Subsidy

Please note that “Junior” in respect to the funding is listed as younger than 18 years prior to the start of the event, however it is stressed that each application should be read carefully.

These events are found here :

Application for assistance for the above events is only to be done after attending the event.  Details of eligibility and application requirements can be found here:

The following travel subsidy amounts are available under the three event tiers:

State or state school event—$200

National or national school event—$400

International event—$600.


  1.       Get Started Vouchers Program

During this process we have tried to ensure that those registered clubs of the QKR can take advantage of the Get Started Voucher System.  Mackay Kendo Club was already listed as is the Kohokai Club.

To be eligible the application must be completed by each club wishing to take part in the program.  The program allows provision for a voucher to the value of $150 to be submitted to the club by a New Member which will be reimbursed to a QGrant account setup by the club.

We understand that there is some work involved for each club, however it may assist in building your junior membership if you choose to take part in this process.   The process of the $150 is left to each club but as a suggestion $50 would pay membership either class fees or equipment support for the rest.

3        The Local Sporting Champions Grant

We would bring to your attention the ASC funding grant available to members under 18

The Local Sporting Champions Grant

This is a federal imitative and a little more flexible for what it can be used.  It can be used for championships state or national, as a Coach, Official or competitor.

We have spoken to the AKR and they have indicated that endorsement of national or state championship should be a straight forward process which they would be happy to assist the QKR with.

  1.       The Australian Sports Foundation

We have also completed arrangements with Australian Sports funding organisation  and it is hoped that we can leverage their expertise in assisting us with raising funds for various projects under the QKR banner.  The AKR has an existing relationship with the ASF via the Australian World Kendo team who are already using this service and it is hoped that the QKR will also benefit by having more in this space soon.

5.  Regional Grants available

Townsville Council Grants

CairnsCouncil Grants

Please note each of these funding applications has its own requirements please ensure you read them carefully.



Tom Johnson