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The Queensland Kendo Renmei Incorporated guides the development of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo activities in Queensland.

This site contains information for members and interested guests to assist in the furtherment of these arts.

QKR good sports policy

The QKR Good Sports Policy can be downloaded here.

Get started vouchers

Get Started Vouchers are now available to QKR members aged between 5 and 17 for up to $150 to go towards club membership and training. The QKR will advise when new rounds are available. Current Round 13 opened on Feb 6 and Round 14 opens on July 17.

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grading requirements

There QKR complies with the requirements of the AKR Grading system. There are three key references to our grading system for each art:

1. The Standard Rules for Dan and Kyu Examinations - AKR Manual of Documents Section 1, clause 1.5.4

2A. The Kendo Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 2, clause 2.3 Effective from 25 October 2014

2B. The Iaido Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 3, clause 3.3

2C The Jodo Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 4, clause 4.4

3. The Grading Application Form - AKR Manual of Documents, Appendix 6.8. Can be downloaded here.

Grading requirements can be downloaded from the AKR website here.


Iaido Dan grade questions for the upcoming December seminar below 

The answer sheet must be typed and single-side printed on A4 size paper. The answers must be readily legible and presentable. 

Each answer should be 150 word-long with an allowance of ± 50 words and 1.5 spaced in 12 pt font. Times New Roman and Arial are preferred fonts.


Explain hand guard (tsuba) control generally when practising iaido and also the actions required when drawing the sword (nukitsuke).


Provide an explanation of the term metsuke.  What is its relevance in iaido practice?


Provide an explanation of the term Reiho.  What is its relevance in iaido practice?

To minimise contact and congestion points please emailed your answers to 

Sensei David Kolb   by  COD 5pm on 4 December.  at emails address


Tom Johnson


The December QKR seminar is to be held at Somerset College Somerset Drive Mudgeeraba

On the 5th and 6th Decembers 2020

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Hi everyone,

The intention is to hold our summer seminar at Somerset college on the 5 and 6 Decembers 2020

Hours:  Doors open 0830   Bow in 0900 until 1700

Please be aware that the as a result of COVID-19 the situation may change at short notice and while unlikely the seminar could be cancelled.

THE QKR is preparing a COVID Safe Plan for approval by Queensland Health for action during this seminar.

The implementation of this plan will require additional support from you the members attending to ensure compliance and the wellbeing of us all.  More on that once the plan is approved

Everyone is reminded NOT to attend the seminar if they feel unwell or are exhibiting any COVID symptoms.   We will be adhering Queensland health regulations, Australian Kendo Board guidelines in reference to COVID-19 and the current QKR policy reference the wearing of Men-mask and ISG shields.

The wearing of men-mask and shields requires special attention to the management of heat and the wellbeing of members, during our summer months.

We must be aware of the possible impact of PPE during high intensity training. The training schedule will reflect the need for additional breaks.

Members are reminded they should take regular breaks and during breaks, remove your Men and Kote to assist in cooling your body.  Stop training and advise the leader of that training session if you feel unwell.


At this seminar we will also be holding our AGM and elections of office bearers for the next 2 years.

Nominations are call for all positions in the Queensland executive committee closing date for nomination will be the 29th November 2020.  Please direct your nominations to

Michael is NOT a current member of the committee nor is he standing for any position.


During this seminar, we are hoping to be able to offer a grading opportunity in all 3 arts.

Levels will be advertised once we have a better idea on attendance of suitably grading panel members.

Closing date for receiving grading applications is the 22 November 2020.  Please email grading application and proof of payment to AND

Grading fees below:

SENIOR All Kyu grades $30.00

1 Dan $60.00

2 Dan $75.00

3 Dan $90.00 


All Kyu grades $15.00

1 Dan $30.00

2 Dan $45.00

3 Dan $45.00

Kendo Grading question can be here:

Club sensei approving candidates for examination are asked to direct their candidates to the AKR website to retrieve question relevant to grading being attempted

Kendo Technical requirements can be found here:

Questions for Iaido and Jodo will be on the QKR website asap

Please see below the current technical requirements for iaido and jodo


Jodo Requirements

l  The answer sheet must be typed and single-side printed on A4 size paper. The answers must be readily legible and presentable. Each answer should be 150 word-long with an allowance of ± 50 words and 1.5 spaced in 12 pt font. Times New Roman and Arial are preferred fonts.


This year the attendance fee will be 2 days   $70.00

                                                    1 day     $40 .00

 Where there are 3 members in one family attending, a family rate will be 2 full paying members, any more than two from the one family, will pay half price for seminar.

Please make deposits for all fees to

Westpac Bank

Queensland Kendo Renmei Incorporated, BSB 034-055, Acct: 209720

Copy of the payment receipt along with your QKR number are to be sent to the and

Please note that to participate at this seminar your 2020 2021 AKR membership must be paid and registered with the AKR


Tom Johnson

President Queensland Kendo Renmei


seminar news

The seminar program comprises two primary seminars each year. These will represent a Winter and a Summer program. The Winter event will be held in June/July and the Summer event will be held in the second weekend in December each year. Grades will be offered at both kyu and dan levels.

The QKR will provide instruction in all three arts depending upon attendance at these events. The QKR may provide a travel allowance based on distance from the venue and participation from all members.

From time to time, special training may be available with specific visiting Sensei and groups. All such events will be posted in the QKR Calendar.

Click here for details of the upcoming seminars and special training.