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The Queensland Kendo Renmei Incorporated guides the development of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo activities in Queensland.

This site contains information for members and interested guests to assist in the furtherment of these arts.

grading requirements

There QKR complies with the requirements of the AKR Grading system. There are three key references to our grading system for each art:

1. The Standard Rules for Dan and Kyu Examinations - AKR Manual of Documents Section 1, clause 1.5.4

2A. The Kendo Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 2, clause 2.3 Effective from 25 October 2014

2B. The Iaido Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 3, clause 3.3

2C The Jodo Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 4, clause 4.4

3. The Grading Application Form - AKR Manual of Documents, Appendix 6.8. Can be downloaded here.

Grading requirements can be downloaded from the AKR website here.


New 6 Dan Member 

Many of your already know that over the weekend

Noriyuki Tamura Sensei past 6 Dan in Japan

On behalf of all QKR members I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Tamura Sensei on this great achievement as a result of his continue commitment to his training and development.

Tamura Sensei has achieved this well-deserved result and at the same time maintained his committee to the running of the QKR in his role as Vic-President.



Thank you for your support



Tom Johnson

President QKR 




Queensland kendo Renmei 1st 2nd December  2018 Seminar

Location: Tallebudgera Leisure Centre, 1525 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach.

Hours:  Doors open 0830   Bow in 0900 until 1700


During this seminar, the QKR will be offering grading opportunities. 

Yondan in Kendo 

Sandan in Iaido

Shodan in Jodo

Closing Date for grading applications is 16 November 2018

 SENIOR All Kyu grades $30.00

1 Dan $60.00

2 Dan $75.00

3 Dan $90.00

4 Dan $115.00

 JUNIOR * All Kyu grades $15.00

1 Dan $30.00

2 Dan $45.00

3 Dan $45.00

 Please ensure your membership is current by the 16th November 2018.  

This is required for seminar attendance and grading eligibility, that will allow time for funds to clear prior to treasurer submitting November return.

 Westpac Bank

Queensland Kendo Renmei Incorporated,

BSB 034-055, Acct: 209720

This year the fee will be 2 days   $60.00

                                        1 day     $35 .00

Where there are 3 members in one family attending, a family rate will be 2 full paying members, any more than two from the one family, will pay half price for seminar.

Funding is available for this event through YATS

 Queensland Kendo Championships (Boys and Girls), Tallebudgera STATE DISABILITY INCLUSIVE 1–2 Dec 2018 FUTURE EVENT




Answer two of the following question

* Explain Yukou-datotsu

* Explain Zanshin

* What attention do you need to pay to your posture when you are in a chudan-no-kamae.


Answer two of the following question 

* Explain why courtesy is important in kendo. 

* Explain Ki ken tai no Ichi

* Explain the correct tsuba-zeriai and points to be paid attention to.


Answer two of the following question

*State the mindset required for an instructor in kendo

*State the attitude as a shinpan 

*Explain the correct tsuba-zeriai and state points to be considered from an instructor's viewpoint.

*Explain ichigan-nisoku-santan-shiriki






Describe 3 safety checks (not related to the premises) you should carry out yourself before starting

Name any 10 parts of an Iaito and illustrate with a diagram.

Describe the Iaito and body positions when taking Jodan no Kamae.

Explain what is meant by the term Saya Biki. Describe its use in one All Japan Kendo Federation Iaido


Define Hasuji, how it is established and why it is important in Iaido.

What do you understand by the term Seme and give an example of how you would demonstrate Seme

in a specific All Japan Kendo Federation Iaido kata.

Describe proper finger control of the tsuba and explain its importance.

Discuss the concept of Zanshin. Describe its use in at least one All Japan Kendo Federation Iaido kata.




Answer two of the following question

  1.        Explain the advantage of the Jo over the Katana.
  2.        State the purpose of learning Jodo.
  3.        Is it important, or is it not important, to participate in Jodo Competitions? Explain your rationale.
  4.        Discuss metsuke.
  5.        Name and describe the 4 principal Kamae or ready postures assumed with the jo.



seminar news

The seminar program comprises two primary seminars each year. These will represent a Winter and a Summer program. The Winter event will be held in June/July and the Summer event will be held in the second weekend in December each year. Grades will be offered at both kyu and dan levels.

The QKR will provide instruction in all three arts depending upon attendance at these events. The QKR may provide a travel allowance based on distance from the venue and participation from all members.

From time to time, special training may be available with specific visiting Sensei and groups. All such events will be posted in the QKR Calendar.

Click here for details of the upcoming seminars and special training.