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The Queensland Kendo Renmei Incorporated guides the development of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo activities in Queensland.

This site contains information for members and interested guests to assist in the furtherment of these arts.

grading requirements

There QKR complies with the requirements of the AKR Grading system. There are three key references to our grading system for each art:

1. The Standard Rules for Dan and Kyu Examinations - AKR Manual of Documents Section 1, clause 1.5.4

2A. The Kendo Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 2, clause 2.3 Effective from 25 October 2014

2B. The Iaido Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 3, clause 3.3

2C The Jodo Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 4, clause 4.4

3. The Grading Application Form - AKR Manual of Documents, Appendix 6.8. Can be downloaded here.

Grading requirements can be downloaded from the AKR website here.


To all QKR Members:

confirmation from the AKR on successful completion of 6 dan examination

Please be informed that Mr. Katsumi KURAMOCHI (QKR) &

Mr. Benjamin Jeri JAMES (WAKR) have passed the Iaido 6th Dan examination in Wakayama, Japan on 6/07/2018.

On behalf of the members of the QKR I wish to congratulate both Sensei! on this achievement 


Tom Johnson


Queensland kendo Renmei July seminar - 14 and 15 July 2018

Location: Tallebudgera Leisure Centre, 1525 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach.

Hours:  Doors open 0830   Bow in 0900 until 1700


During this seminar, the QKR will be offering grading opportunities.  Level and costs to be advised closer to the dates.  As a guide, please see below. Please NOTE this is to be confirmed.

Sandan in Kendo 

Sandan in Iaido

Shodan in Jodo

This year the fee will be 2 days   $60.00

                                   1 day     $35 .00

Where there are 3 members in one family attending, a family rate will be 2 full paying members, any more than two from the one family, will pay half price for seminar.

Please answer questions on 1 x A4 Sheet typed answer

Answer only one of the following questions.  (Shodan)

* Explain types of shinais which are inappropriate and/or dangerous to be used.

* Explain the correct tsuba-zeriai.

same question 

Answer only one of the following questions. 

*Explain tai-atari

*Explain youkou-datotsu 

Iaido Questions

Nidan   Question

Define hasuji, how it is established and why it is important in iaido.

Shodan question:

Explain what is meant by the term saya biki and why is it important in the practice of iaido.

Westpac Bank

Queensland Kendo Renmei Incorporated, BSB 034-055, Acct: 209720

Please note that to participate at this seminar your 2018- 2019 AKR membership must be paid and registered with the AKR before the 1 July.  Closing date for the processing of June registrations to the AKR will be the 28 June.  This allows the AKR time to update their registration database before the seminar, ensuring members are eligible to grade.




seminar news

The seminar program comprises two primary seminars each year. These will represent a Winter and a Summer program. The Winter event will be held in June/July and the Summer event will be held in the second weekend in December each year. Grades will be offered at both kyu and dan levels.

The QKR will provide instruction in all three arts depending upon attendance at these events. The QKR may provide a travel allowance based on distance from the venue and participation from all members.

From time to time, special training may be available with specific visiting Sensei and groups. All such events will be posted in the QKR Calendar.

Click here for details of the upcoming seminars and special training.