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The Queensland Kendo Renmei Incorporated guides the development of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo activities in Queensland.

This site contains information for members and interested guests to assist in the furtherment of these arts.

grading requirements

There QKR complies with the requirements of the AKR Grading system. There are three key references to our grading system for each art:

1. The Standard Rules for Dan and Kyu Examinations - AKR Manual of Documents Section 1, clause 1.5.4

2A. The Kendo Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 2, clause 2.3 Effective from 25 October 2014

2B. The Iaido Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 3, clause 3.3

2C The Jodo Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 4, clause 4.4

3. The Grading Application Form - AKR Manual of Documents, Appendix 6.8. Can be downloaded here.

Grading requirements can be downloaded from the AKR website here.


Grading Requirements and Questions July 10th 2016

The requirements for kendo examinations can be found at the follow link sections: 2.3.10, 2.3.11, 2.3.12 And 2.3.13.

Please take note of the relevant question required for each Dan Grade.

Iaido Written Examination Questions:

Shodan Question:

1.  State the purpose of learning Iaido

Nidan Questions:

1.  Give a brief explanation of the term Metsuke

2.  Give a brief summary of the purpose of Reiho


July Seminar 9th 10th July 2016

Date of Seminar 9th and 10th July at Tallebudgera Recreation Centre 

Seminar Cost will be $50.00 for the weekend.

We are still hoping to have a Queensland Kendo Championship on the Saturday morning. However to date, there has not been the response expected or the amount that we need to hold the event.

Please direct your emails to Sensei John Isaac to register your interest 

I would ask that this be done as soon as possible, as I said, at the moment, we DO NOT have the numbers required to make the championship meaningful. 
However the standby plan would be to conduct Shai and Shinpan training during that time, should insufficient numbers register for the event.

Gradings will be offered on the Sunday 10th in both Kendo and Iaidio to the following levels.

Yondan in Kendo 
Nidan in Iaido

Please have your grading applications signed, completed and submitted by the 24th of July to and include the who will confirm your payment

I am sure that everyone is aware that to participant in the seminar and / or grading, you must have paid your 2016 – 2017 membership fees which must be submitted to and recorded by AKR prior to the seminar.

Lastly this is an election year so this is a good time to be at the seminar to have your say on who will make up your board for the next two years. 


Tom Johnson

President Queensland Kendo Renmei



Announcement of Queenslands Newest Roku Dan 

On behalf of the QKR membership I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate

Sensei Ken Okamoto on his successful completion of the Roku Dan examination.


Okamoto Sensei has been a strong supporter of kendo not only in Queensland but also in Australia.

As many of you are aware first hand, Sensei has always been happy to support the development of the more junior members in the Renmei and has assisted many in their development.

We look forward to his continued support and I for one look forward to his continued involvement in Queensland Kendo.

Congratulations Sensei well done.


Tom Johnson
Queensland Kendo Renmei


Announcement From the Australian Kendo Board

The Kendo Board is calling for applications for a coaching team for the next World Kendo Championship which will be held in Korea in 2018. The Coaching team will consist of the following:


1.       Men’s team coach

2.       Women’s team coach

3.       Manager

4.       Assistant manager

 The application should be for the full team (as above) and be presented with a summary of a plan for the preparation for the World Kendo Championship.

It is suggested that a Korean speaker be part of the team.

Please send application to the AKR secretary who will forward the applications to the Kendo Board for selection.

Vivian Yung

Applications close on the 31st of October 2016.

 Brian Brestovac

Chairman of the Kendo Board

Australian Kendo Renmei


Queensland has a New Nana Dan Kendoka and a New Roku Dan Kendoka Posted 24 June 2015

It is with greatest of pleasure that I announce on behalf of the board that

Toshiaki Tsukadaira Sensei recently was successful in passing his Nana Dan Kendo examination.

I have also the pleasure of announcing that Hiroko Tsukadaira Sensei was successful in Passing Roku Dan examination in Kendo.

Both of these sensei have spent many years to achieve this most difficult mile stone and during that time they have been great supporters of the Queensland Kendo Renmei and the AKR.

I hope that you will all join me in my most sincere congratulations to both Toshi and Hiroko Sensei and please take the time to personally pass on your thoughts to them during the upcoming QKR seminar.

Both Toshi sensei and Hiroko Sensei have busy roles during these seminars but I am sure they would appreciate a warm showing of our regard for them and the effort they have put into Kendo and the QKR.

Congratulation to Toshiaki Tsukadira Sensei Nana Dan Kendo

Congratulation to Hiroko Tsukadaira Sensei Roku Dan Kendo


Tom Johnson


Queensland Kendo Renmei.



seminar news

The seminar program comprises two primary seminars each year. These will represent a Winter and a Summer program. The Winter event will be held in June/July and the Summer event will be held in the second weekend in December each year. Grades will be offered at both kyu and dan levels.

The QKR will provide instruction in all three arts depending upon attendance at these events. The QKR may provide a travel allowance based on distance from the venue and participation from all members.

From time to time, special training may be available with specific visiting Sensei and groups. All such events will be posted in the QKR Calendar.

Click here for details of the upcoming seminars and special training.