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The Queensland Kendo Renmei Incorporated guides the development of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo activities in Queensland.

This site contains information for members and interested guests to assist in the furtherment of these arts.

grading requirements

There QKR complies with the requirements of the AKR Grading system. There are three key references to our grading system for each art:

1. The Standard Rules for Dan and Kyu Examinations - AKR Manual of Documents Section 1, clause 1.5.4

2A. The Kendo Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 2, clause 2.3 Effective from 25 October 2014

2B. The Iaido Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 3, clause 3.3

2C The Jodo Grading System - AKR Manual of Documents, Section 4, clause 4.4

3. The Grading Application Form - AKR Manual of Documents, Appendix 6.8. Can be downloaded here.

Grading requirements can be downloaded from the AKR website here.


 Results of the 42nd Australian Kendo Championships for Queensland

 The whole team has done Queensland proud and we thank them for their commitment.

Theresults are listed below:

Mens Kyu Grade Individual Competition:

2nd Dean Murdoch

Veteran Competition:

2nd Noriyuki Tamura Veteran individual

Kata Pair Competition:

2nd Kata Pair - Ryo Atsumi & Sena Koshiji

Dan Ladies:

3rd Alex Kambara

Dan Womens Team:

3rd Place  members Alex Kambara and Dale Padoin

Men's Kyu Team

3rd Place  members  -  Aaron Padoin, Karl Sawczynski, Dean Murdock

Fighting award

Men's Dan - Sena Koshiji

Men’s Kyu  Aaron Padoin

On behalf of all QKR members I would like to express our thanks for thier committement and achievements.


Tom Johnson

President Queensland Kendo Renmie.




Date claimer for the next QKR seminar.   July Seminar  1st and 2nd July 2017:

Location:  Tallebudgera Leisure Centre 1525 Gold Coast Hwy. Palm Beach.

Times        Door Open 0800   Training until 1700   Bow in 0900

We have booked the Tallebudgera Centre again for the first weekend in July

That is the 1st and 2nd July 2017.

Details regarding Training Schedule, Gradings and costs will be promulgated closer to the event

Membership Fees

Members are reminded that as this is at the beginning of the new financial year so please ensure that your membership is renewed by the 30 June 2017.

In line with AKR policy to ensure membership is paid within one month of joining all members are advised that the QKR will not accept new membership for the 2016 / 2017 membership year after the 30 June in the current year. 

This is to assist the QKR treasurer and the AKR Treasurer in reconciling the current years’ members and to reduce the work load caused by new memberships from the previous financial year being processed well after the commencement of the new financial year.

REMINDER – 2016-2017 membership fees WILL NOT be accepted after 30 June 2017.



Tom Johnson

President QKR 


Announcement of Queenslands Newest Roku Dan 

On behalf of the QKR membership I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate

Sensei Ken Okamoto on his successful completion of the Roku Dan examination.



Announcement From the Australian Kendo Board

The Kendo Board is calling for applications for a coaching team for the next World Kendo Championship which will be held in Korea in 2018. The Coaching team will consist of the following:


1.       Men’s team coach

2.       Women’s team coach

3.       Manager

4.       Assistant manager

 The application should be for the full team (as above) and be presented with a summary of a plan for the preparation for the World Kendo Championship.

It is suggested that a Korean speaker be part of the team.

Please send application to the AKR secretary who will forward the applications to the Kendo Board for selection.

Vivian Yung

Applications close on the 31st of October 2016.

 Brian Brestovac

Chairman of the Kendo Board

Australian Kendo Renmei




seminar news

The seminar program comprises two primary seminars each year. These will represent a Winter and a Summer program. The Winter event will be held in June/July and the Summer event will be held in the second weekend in December each year. Grades will be offered at both kyu and dan levels.

The QKR will provide instruction in all three arts depending upon attendance at these events. The QKR may provide a travel allowance based on distance from the venue and participation from all members.

From time to time, special training may be available with specific visiting Sensei and groups. All such events will be posted in the QKR Calendar.

Click here for details of the upcoming seminars and special training.